4. CIRV-HDV Developer Guide

4.1. Intended Audience

This document is intended to aid those who want to modify the hdv code Or to extend it to add new features.

4.2. Requirements

  • Python3

  • pip

  • git

4.3. Installation

Clone repo as follows:

$ git clone "git clone "ssh://YourLFID@gerrit.opnfv.org:29418/cirv-hdv""

then install required python packages:

$ pip install -r cirv-hdv/requirements.txt

4.4. Structure

├─conf   # config directory
├─logs   # hdv.log would be generated here.
$ ls redfish/*.py
redfish/hdv_redfish.py    #The main code implementation by parsing config.yaml and cases.yaml
redfish/conftest.py       # File automitacally runs before hdv_redfish.py used to take input and add paramters to fixtures.
redfish/log_utils.py      #log utils
redfish/errors.py         #error code definition for the tool during parse.
redfish/http_handler.py   #http_handler
redfish/yaml_utils.py         #yaml utils for test.

$ ls redfish/conf
pdf2.0  # OPNFV Pod Descriptor File, Used by hdv for accessing servers
cases.yaml   #test cases yaml file
report.yaml  #final test report

$ ls redfish/logs
hdv.log     # test log file