2. CIRV-HDV User Guide

2.1. Requirements

  • Python3

  • pip

  • git

2.2. Installation

Clone repo as follows:

$ git clone "https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/cirv-hdv"

then install required python packages:

$ pip install -r cirv-hdv/requirements.txt

The command will install following packages

  • PyYAML

  • urllib3

  • requests

  • netaddr

  • openpyxl

  • pytest

  • allure-pytest

2.3. Run

The hdv tools uses PDF2.0 to get servers information and cases file to read test cases.

Move to the /hdv/redfish directory and run Validation

$ cd /hdv/redfish
$ pytest --allure-dir=<output_directory> --config=<pdf_file> --cases=<cases_file> hdv_redfish.py
$ allure serve <output_directory>
  • allure-dir: Path to name of the folder which will be used later to create graphical reports using python-allure.

  • config: Path to pdf2.0 file comply CNTT-RI requirement. It is needed to access servers. For more information, follow the link - link.

  • cases: Path to case file, yaml file which store all the cases to validate.

You can look at the configuration guide for further information.